15A Advanced Micro-Crystal Chemical crystallography Beamline

Sample environment



CryoJet (Liquid nitrogen cryostream)

80 – 500 K

HeliJet (Open flow helium device)

10 K – 300 K

Humidity control air control

Sample protection (coming soon)

Diamond anvil cell

Up to 20 Gpa (depends upon the culet size)

Heating stage for Membrane DAC

Up to 600 K

Lasers for photo-crystallography

Excitation, pump (405 nm, 532 nm, 785 nm, 633nm)

Femto-second Laser for time-resolved

Excitation, time-resolved (not yet)

Sample protection

X-Temp2Low-temperature single crystal handling for X-ray structure analysis

Sample viewing

LECIA stereo microscope - M205C: 16X main body, 25X eyepieces, 1.5 X co-axis light, 1X and 2X object pieces, total 600-1200 X

with IC90E measurement system.

LECIA stereo microscope SAPO: 8X main body, 25X eyepieces, total 200X

with OPTI measurement system.

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  • Large unit-cell crystallography
  • Microcrystallography
  • Pump probe X-ray diffraction
  • 2D/3D X-ray Laue diffraction


  • Medicine and drug discovery
  • Materials science
  • High pressure physics
  • Geoscience
  • Chemistry
  • Functional materials

General Information

  • Source: 15A
  • Energy Range: Mono-beam 8-35 keV, pink-beam with 3-5 % bandwidth, optimized at 14 keV
  • Focused Spot Size: 2 x 2 μm² ~ 50 x 50 μm² at ES1, ~ 200 μm² at ES0
  • Status: Under construction

National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

101 Hsin-Ann Road, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30076