45A Submicron Soft X-ray Spectroscopy

Scientific Scope

The aim of this joint sub-micron soft x-ray spectroscopy beamline of the NSRRC and the MPI CPfS is (1) to utilize a wide range of synchrotron based spectroscopies to unravel the electronic structure of novel strongly correlated materials, and (2) to develop new synchrotron based spectroscopic methods suitable for the study of strongly correlated materials. In particular, we expect to obtain single-crystalline quality data from even powder samples by searching for grains which have dimensions larger than several μm. This in turn will give us worldwide a major advantage in the study and characterization of new materials.

Beamline Description

The TPS 45A beamline uses an elliptically polarized undulator with a 46 mm magnet period that delivers photons over the energies of 280 - 1500 eV with linear (horizontal and vertical) and circular (left and right) polarizations. Its optical design adopts the concepts of the Dragon-type design with an advanced innovation of using a bendable vertical focusing mirror (VFM) and an active grating monochromator (AGM) that utilize the novel 25-actuator optical surface benders. This 25-actuator optical surface bender not only provides a higher-degree polynomial profile for eliminating the optical aberration, but also reduces the intrinsic slope error and the thermal deformation on the optical surface. This ensures a high photon throughput of the order of 2 x 1011 photons/sec/0.01%BW and an ultra-high energy resolving power of the order of 25,000. Together with a set of Kirkpatrick-Baez mirror, i.e. vertical refocusing mirror (VRFM) and horizontal refocusing mirror (HRFM), the beam spot size at the sample position is in the order of 1 μm x 1 μm.


Please contact the TPS 45A beamline scientists to discuss the technical feasibility of your experiments at MPI end-station and TKU end-station before submitting your proposals.

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Huang-Ming Tsai (蔡煌銘)
Ext. 7356 / 8638

TPS 45A1
Chun-Fu Chang (張春富)

Ext. 2452

TPS 45A2
Jau-Wern Chiou (邱昭文)

Ext. 8240

BL Local Contact/Manager

TPS 45A1
Chang-Yang Kuo (郭昌洋)
Ext. 2452

TPS 45A2
Shelke, Abhijeet


  • Soft X-ray absorption
  • Angle-Resolved PhotoEmission Spectroscopy


  • Topological insulators / metals / superconductors
  • Carbon-related systems and nanomaterials
  • Photovoltaic materials
  • Electron-correlated materials
  • Magnetic materials

General Information

  • Source: EPU46
  • Energy Range: 280-1500 eV
  • Focused Spot Size: 2.5 × 1.5 μm² (H x V)
  • Status: operational

National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

101 Hsin-Ann Road, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30076